Our Filing Process

The Bankruptcy Filing Process

We know that the thought of filing for bankruptcy is overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what the process looks like. At Hirsch Law, we believe in open communication so that there’s no confusion or fear surrounding your bankruptcy case.

We want you to feel confident moving forward, and the best way to achieve that is to keep you informed before, during, and after your initial consultation.¬†Here’s an outline of our filing process, so that you know what to expect every step of the way.

Call or Text Tracy to set up a free consultation, where she’ll gladly answer your questions over the phone or in person.

If possible, gather six months of pay stubs, a list of all your creditors, and how much you owe each creditor, and email those to tracy@hirschbklaw.com.

This will help Tracy determine whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will suit you best.

If you decide that you’re ready to file for bankruptcy in Louisville, Tracy will give you a comprehensive list of documents that you need to submit for your filing.

Documents such as federal and state tax returns, bank statements, and mortgage statements are a few examples of what you’ll need for your filing.

Once you send us all of the required paperwork, you’ll need to complete an online credit counseling course. This must be completed prior to filing your bankruptcy case.

Tracy will provide you with the website name so that you can log on and complete the course. Once we receive your online certification, you’re ready to file!

You’ll have another appointment with Tracy to start the filing process. During this meeting, Tracy will ask you questions to verify that all of your financial information is accurate.

You will also pay your filing and attorney fees at this time. After your case is filed, you are officially protected from your creditors!

After your case is filed, you need to complete a second online course. This is a financial management course that gives you helpful tips regarding budgeting, saving, and maintaining good credit.

This course must be completed in order to receive a discharge at the end of your bankruptcy plan.

Tracy will send you a letter in the mail letting you know when your court date is. This is called a “Meeting of Creditors,” which is currently being done via Zoom or phone call.

Tracy will be with you on the call, and the judge will declare that your bankruptcy case is active.

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