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Tracy L. Hirsch, Attorney-at-Law

If you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Louisville, Kentucky who has the compassion and experience to help you get a fresh start, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that an unexpected illness, the loss of a job, or even something as joyous as the birth of your first child can cause financial stress for you and your family.

Everyone has a different story. For those who are living paycheck to paycheck, one major life change can lead to financial instability. If you have more debt that you can pay, Attorney Tracy Hirsch is here to help.

Ms. Hirsch has 23 years of experience in bankruptcy law, and can work quickly to stop foreclosures, garnishments, and liens. She can also help you get protection from debt collectors, and help you set up a bankruptcy plan for your medical bills, credit card accounts, and other unpaid debts.

What’s more is that she does it all with compassion and understanding. Her goal is to break down the stigma surrounding bankruptcy, and she does that by educating her clients, and by providing unparalleled customer service.

She is the only bankruptcy attorney in Louisville, Kentucky who gives out her personal cell phone number to all prospective and current clients.

This means that you can call or text her directly with any questions that you may have. Her down-to-earth approach means that you won’t constantly get routed to an impersonal answering service — you’ll reach her directly instead.

If you want a trusted bankruptcy lawyer on your side, contact Tracy Hirsch today at (502) 435-2593.

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In Her own words

“People often ask me why I decided to go into bankruptcy law. When I graduated from law school, I knew that I wanted to be in a field where I could provide people with hope.

Other areas of law often involve some sort of loss, but that’s usually not the case with bankruptcy. People often assume that they’ll lose their home or other personal assets if they file a bankruptcy case, but a majority of the time, that’s not true.

When I tell a prospective client that I can protect their most valuable possessions AND give them a fresh start, they’re overcome with joy and relief. That reaction is the reason that I do what I do.

No one plans to file for bankruptcy. Most people are not happy to have to walk through my doors… But when they leave my office with a sense of relief, or, more often than not, a hug instead of a handshake, that is a picture of true success.”

A Bankruptcy Lawyer You Can Trust

Direct Contact

If you need expert advice from an experienced Kentucky bankruptcy attorney, you can get it quickly. You won't get an automated email response or an answering service when you call. The email and phone number that you see on our website give you direct access to Tracy herself.

Flexible Scheduling

Tracy will work with your schedule when setting up consultations and follow-up appointments. If you need an evening or a Saturday opening, she'll make it happen. Furthermore, if you need an emergency filing, she'll work hard to get you a same day appointment.

Valuable Resources

Has your car been repossessed? Do you need a short sale on your home so that it doesn't go into foreclosure? Tracy has the resources to help you. Whether it's a reputable car loan specialist or an experienced realtor, Tracy has connections to create a collaborative team.

Down-to-Earth Approach

Tracy believes that everyone should be treated with respect, compassion, and understanding. Her warm, relatable approach combined with her extensive knowledge and experience, lets you know that you're in good hands.

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Learn about our streamlined, stress-free filing process.

At Hirsch Law, details matter.

We're here for you

If you’re ready to set up a free consultation with Tracy, you can call, text, or email her directly. Contact her today to get the peace of mind that you deserve.

(502) 435-2593


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