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Increase Your Chances of Completing a Successful Kentucky Bankruptcy Plan

If you’re looking for bankruptcy tips from an experienced local attorney, you’ve come to the right place. Tracy Hirsch has helped nearly 2,000 residents of Louisville, Kentucky file for bankruptcy.

She offers incredible insights based upon her 18 years of working in the legal field. Furthermore, she knows the various types of protection that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code has to offer, and she educates her clients with that invaluable knowledge.

If you qualify, bankruptcy can relieve you of certain debts, and even help you set up a plan to pay them back with an affordable monthly payment. Once a bankruptcy is filed, it can stop home foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, and wage garnishments.

Additionally, it will stop creditors and collection agencies from contacting you since filing for bankruptcy provides a form of legal protection called the “automatic stay.” This means that if your creditors continue to call you asking for payments after your bankruptcy has been filed, they will be fined by the government.

If you’re currently in a bankruptcy plan or have recently been discharged, be sure to check back regularly for helpful articles regarding bankruptcy and finances.

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