Credit Card Debt

When Your Minimum Monthly Payments Are Too High

Nobody wants to have credit card debt hanging over their head, especially when the payments don’t fit into their budget. Here’s how you can eliminate those large monthly payments, and get back on track.

Credit card debt, which is an “unsecured debt,” is one of the top reasons that Kentucky residents file for bankruptcy. When a debt is “unsecured,” this means that there isn’t any collateral involved, such as a car or a home.

People often use their credit cards to get out of a financial bind, such as paying a costly medical bill, repairing a car engine, or replacing a home appliance. While one of those things can usually be paid off in a reasonable amount of time, having several of those types of circumstances happen in a short period of time can lead to an overwhelming amount of credit card debt.

Furthermore, it can quickly spiral out of control and get worse with high APRs, late fees, and penalties.

Don’t let credit card debt ruin your life. There’s help and hope, and it all starts with a free consultation.

When weighing your debt relief options, you may be tempted to call a Kentucky debt consolidation company, but that won’t provide you with the relief that you need. In fact, a majority of the clients who come to us have a debt consolidation company coming after them as a creditor.

Why? Because you usually end up with additional interest on top of the interest you already have, and it’s impossible to make substantial monthly payments

If you have a large amount of Kentucky credit card debt, and can’t afford to pay the minimum monthly payments, a bankruptcy can help you start over and get back on your feet. Louisville bankruptcy attorney Tracy L. Hirsch has the knowledge and experience to protect you from your creditors and get your debt under control.

Ready to get started? Tracy offers free consultations, and will work with your schedule to find a day and time to discuss your options. All you have to do is call or text (502) 435-2593 to take that first step.

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