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Filing for Bankruptcy Was the Best Decision for My Family

Filing for Bankruptcy Was the Best Decision for My Family

By Attorney Tracy L. Hirsch

While the stigma and shame surrounding bankruptcy still exists, one woman is shedding light on the upsides of bankruptcy.

She shares her story of how it helped her and her young daughter get out of a dire financial situation.

In this article from, Leah Campbell shares how unexpected medical debt was ruining her life.

She had always been financially responsible, but a devastating diagnosis (that led to surgery) left her with tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Then she became a single mom, and thought she would never financially recover. But thanks to solid advice from three different financial advisors, she decided to file for bankruptcy.

family bankruptcy louisville ky

While the decision was very difficult at first, she says that it was the best decision she could have made for her and her daughter.

This is an encouraging, true story of how she went from feeling hopeless, to hopeful and confident, all because she filed for bankruptcy.

She not only got rid of her debt, but she was also able to build up her credit scores into the 700s while her bankruptcy was still on her credit report!

Leah is now a successful writer and editor, and living her best life.

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