Free Family-Style Meals for JCPS Community

By Tracy L. Hirsch

The Lee Initiative is partnering with JCPS to provide meals for families of four.

The LEE Initiative recently announced a new relief effort that helps families who have been financially impacted by COVID-19.

The LEE Initiative has partnered with JCPS, Louisville Metro, Churchill Downs, Audi, and Humana to provide dinner meals for families who have children enrolled in Jefferson County public schools.

Recent reports state that approximately 8 million Americans are falling into poverty due to the pandemic. Chef Edward Lee, owner of restaurant Magnolia 610 in Old Louisville, is the co-founder and director of programming for The LEE Initiative.

He explains how those recent statistics led him to create his new program:  

“This program is more than just feeding families; it is helping families avoid facing poverty. We hope the entire city will join us in proving that Louisville can be a truly compassionate city, and that we can create innovative solutions to the hunger issues that have become so rampant.”

In addition to feeding families in need, The Lee Initiative is also providing work for cooks who have been laid off due to the pandemic.

They are hiring 50 cooks to work to make 8000 boxed meals a week. The meals will be prepared in the Churchill Downs kitchen, and each box will feed a family of four.

Free meals for entire families are being distributed due to COVID-19 financial hardships.

David Danielson, the Executive Chef of Churchill Downs says, “We love working with The LEE Initiative to take the stigma out of getting a free meal, and making sure families have a high-quality, chef-prepared meal.”

Each boxed meal will be frozen, and will come with instructions on how to reheat the meals in the oven or microwave.

The meals will be distributed on Tuesdays and Thursdays through JCPS’s meal pickup locations as seen in the photo below (the same locations where free student breakfast and lunch meals are distributed).

To find out what time the meals can be picked up, please check the emails that you receive from your children’s school or call your local school for more information.

If you know people who have children in JCPS, please share this article. As Chef Lee said, let’s all come together to prove that Louisville is truly a compassionate city ~ because that’s what we are.

All the best,

Tracy L. Hirsch

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